Quite a few new Tumblr (and Twitter) followers due to my previous post. I have to thank every follower of this blog, old and new, and also those who wrote those beautiful words of praise. You really made my week.

In gratitude, a little story behind that David Lynch shoot:

I got the call from W…

والله حركات، لحد الحين ما شفتها في الجمعية

One Valid Excuse For Sucking At Fighting Games

Do you suck at fighting games? So does Kotaku commenter Masterage, but he actually has a valid excuse. Feel free to borrow it!

I love fighters, but they don’t love me.

I’ve just been told that my dyscalculia could actually be stopping me from correctly remembering complex combo chains. Would explain a lot, actually, as I tend to go to characters with viable but short combos or rely on the knockdown guessing game.

Though unfortunately this means that I’ll never reach a real competitive level without learning some other method. Stuck at able to beat casual but not tournament sucks.

sex toy rigged with a bomb for the GF on xmas!!

Terry Allen Lester of Waseca, Minn. was arrested for allegedly giving his ex-girlfriend a sex toy for a Christmas present. Not just any sex toy, though! This one was rigged with a bomb.

راح أموت من اليوع, وين آكل؟

والله يطلع منهم امريكان إيغل, جينز ب9 دنانير وقصته وشكله ينافس ديزل اللي ب50 دينار, توفييييييييير

127 hours

Just booked for 127 hours at the avenues for tonight, kuwait run time for the movie is 98 min, and the run time for the US is 94 min?!!

How can Kuwait run time be longer than the US run time?!!

صور إغلاق بعض مقاهي المنطقة الحره من مدونة كويت زون

Nike or Adidas?

I want to buy a new running shoes, but I don’t know what I should get. thinking a lot about Nike vomero+ 5

Just added the movie let me in and the original let the right one in to my amazon with list, both blu-ray.